Katy Bodenburg is owner and operator of KB Gem & Jewelry Appraisals and is committed to offering the very best services possible. The appraiser’s office/lab is located just north of Cincinnati in Montgomery. During the appraisal appointment Katy will perform a full evaluation of your jewelry items and gemstones. The evaluation consists of a light cleaning, followed by detailed photographs, gemstone and/or diamond identification, weights and measurements, and thorough grading analysis of the gem’s cut, color and clarity.  After the evaluation of the jewelry is complete, the appraiser will conduct the necessary research and assign a value. As soon as the appraisal is finalized, a PDF copy of the written report will be emailed for review. Hard copies of the appraisal report will also be made available at no additional charge. Appraisal and consultation fees are set on a per item basis. Fully insured.

Common Jewelry Appraisal Types and Purposes:

  • Insurance Replacement – Retail Replacement Value or Cost
  • Equitable Distribution – Market Value
  • Resale – Market Value
  • Comparison – Retail Replacement Value or Market Value

Other Services Offered by KB Gem & Jewelry Appraisals:

  • Quality Confirmation of New Purchase
  • Gemstone Identification and Grading
  • Laboratory Diamond Grading Report Verification

An appraisal is an opinion of value of an item for a particular market on a particular date. It is usually in document format, describing all qualitative and quantitative attributes necessary to arrive at the value conclusion.

“I was happy to watch Katy precisely examine every part of the ring.  She has all gemological equipment needed to determine value.”

Lisa E., Yelp Reviews